AgriTech Solutions has been involved in the following recently completed projects:


  • Improving energy efficiency for irrigators. This project examined a number of factors that impact upon energy costs including pump efficiency, irrigation application efficiency, irrigation scheduling, and energy costs.
  • Developing nutrient plans to account for ground water nitrate in irrigation water supplies.
  • North Queensland Dry Tropics Natural Resource Management body.
    • Paddock to Reef paddock scale modelling for sugarcane cropping systems,
    • Benchmarking reviews,
    • Water quality grant application and approval process for both sugarcane and horticulture,
    • Review of the Water Quality Improvement Plans for both sugarcane and horticulture.
  • Automating surface irrigation. This project is examining the automation of surface irrigation specifically for the Burdekin sugarcane region. Hardware and software to open/shut valves, turn pumps on/off as well as the use of communication systems are being field tested.
  • Through Netafim Australia providing agronomic support to Australian sugarcane farmers establishing drip in sugarcane. This includes developing a suitable farming system for drip irrigation – including planting, nutrient plans, water demand and irrigation scheduling.


AgriTech Solutions has also completed a number of projects internationally including investigation of surface irrigation practices and performance on a number of different irrigation enterprises in Tanzania and Zimbabwe.