AgriTech Solutions offers the following services.

    • Energy efficiency

AgriTech Solutions can save you thousands on your electricity bills through the following services:

      • Tariff reviews
      • Irrigation system assessments
      • Pump efficiency audits

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      • Soil moisture monitoring

    AgriTech Solutions works with several leading companies to deliver irrigation technology solutions and irrigation management systems to help irrigators get the most out of their systems and enhance their efficiency. AgriTech Solutions can provide advice, installation and product support for monitoring and automation equipment and technology systems including:

        • Probes
        • Telemetry
        • Monitoring
      • Sugarcane irrigation scheduling

    AgriTech Solutions provides training and product support for IrrigWeb which is a web-based sugarcane irrigation scheduling tool. IrrigWeb provides irrigators with current and local advice on sugarcane crop water use and development based on meteorological inputs and paddock characteristics (e.g. soil type, crop cycle, irrigation scheduling). Information outputs include:

        • soil water balance
        • canopy development
        • water stress
        • crop water use
        • field components
      • Surface irrigation optimisation

    In field irrigation assessments often indicate that the volume of water applied during an irrigation event is greater than the amount of water the crop requires or that the soil can hold, resulting in water losses to run-off or deep drainage. Better matching the volume of water applied in each irrigation to the crop water demand will result in enhanced efficiencies both in terms of water use and energy use.