Energy Efficiency

AgriTech offers irrigators a range of services to reduce their irrigation power consumption. This includes:

  • Tariff reviews
  • Irrigation system assessments
  • Pump efficiency audits


Tariff reviews:

Savings of between 10 and 20% have been identified for participating sugarcane farms in the Burdekin.

Most irrigation enterprises are time-poor and find it difficult to keep up with changes to tariffs and pricing structures. AgriTech Solutions can take the hassle out of this for you. Tariff reviews include a comprehensive review of up to two years of recent electricity bills to compare tariff prices and quantify the potential savings from changing tariffs depending on the enterprise’s recent consumption history.

Irrigation system assessments:

Energy savings of up to 50% can be achieved through irrigation system improvements.

Irrigation systems often include a complex matrix of underground and aboveground pipes, cylinders and risers, valves and pumps. If any of these are not suited to their job they will be costing you money by constricting water flow and creating unnecessary head pressure. Irrigation assessments can help farms become more efficient in the way that they move and deliver water – a wise investment for future profitability.

Pump efficiency audits:

A pump assessment can save you thousands in excess electricity charges and is well worth the investment.

A pump efficiency audit will tell you how efficiently your pump is operating. For each megalitre pumped, we can tell you how much energy your pump is consuming, what it’s best efficiency point is, and depending on the type of pump and installation, we can often identify whether there are problems with the pump itself or with the suction or delivery stages that may be costing you money.